A heat load calculation is a vital tool in determining deficiencies in unit size or ductwork.
You save money and get the system that is ideal for your home the first time – no

Manual J is a formula for calculating the amount of heating or cooling needed to
maintain optimum temperature and humidity.

Manual S specifies the capacity of an HVAC based on brand and model of

Manual D specifies duct sizing and layout.

What do we need to do your customized heat load? Some basic information about your
home. If you don’t want to gather the details we need yourself, don’t worry! We can do it
for you for a nominal price.

Your Information

Basic Package

Plans in PDF format. To scale, hand drawn is ok.

Envelope. What your floors, walls and ceiling/roof are made of.

Insulation. What insulation levels are used in your home for floors, ceiling and

Windows. We need to know U-Value and SHGC.

Doors. Are they solid wood, insulated steel, etc.

Infiltration. Estimated air-change rate. You may use ACH50, target blower result
or qualitatively.

Ventilation. Do you have an active ventilation system? If so please describe.

Duct Location. Where do you plan on installing the ductwork?

Duct Leakage. How tight will the ducts be sealed?

Internal Loads. If there are any internal loads that are out of the ordinary, let us
know. We will account for standard appliances and people regardless.

Orientation. In what direction does the front door face?


Comfort Value Pricing

Manual J

Under 2000 sq ft $250

2001-4000 sq ft $375

4001-6000 $500

6001-8000 $750

Manual S & D

Under 2000 sq ft $250

2001-4000 sq ft $375

4001-6000 $500

6001-8000 $750

Don’t want to gather your information yourself? Let our experts do a Heat Load Evaluation for you.



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