In all our years of service, we have seen many examples of duct work. To understand what type of duct work you have here are a few examples. Not only can it cause air loss and lack of air ventilation to other areas of your home if not installed properly but it can cost your electricity bill to increase as well. 

 Gray flex duct Insulation falls apart

It was discontinued industry wide in the mid 1980's. Replacement recommended to all accessible areas.

Silver flex duct popular from 1990 to present. Based on condition or deterioration may need to be replaced. The insulation Minimum value has increased from R-4, original value, to a minimum of R-8 in unconditioned spaces. Also many times the original R-value is greatly depleted due to compression deterioration etc. So if ductwork is 20 years or older replacement is usually recommended.

This is a picture of varmint damage

If the rest of the ductwork is in good condition it is possible to only replace damaged sections in this scenario.

Condition:  1 of 5  

 This is an example of trying to seal bad duct work. Do not try this at home!

This needs to be replaced. 

Condition: 1 of 5

 This ducting appears to be in good condition, however it is not sealed.

This is determined by the lack of lifetime mastic on and around duct work. Recommend complete duct sealing.

Air Loss: 3 of 5   Condition: 4 of 5