Commercial Preventative Maintenance

Reduce operating costs and extend the life of your equipment with planned maintenance from Air Care Today.

Your building and HVAC systems must perform reliably, and downtime is never tolerated. Meanwhile, you're expected to control costs and squeeze the most out of your building operations. Managing a facility would be so much simpler if you could just reduce system inefficiencies and prevent downtime.

Instead of reacting to urgent service needs and emergency repairs, you could put your time and energy—not to mention your operating budget—toward more profitable activities.

The key is preventive maintenance. By planning ahead and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis, you can save significantly and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime.

Air Care Today is a licensed and insured contractor. We employ certified technicians so you can trust in our services.

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License# TACLA30427C


What’s Included

Full Check — 3 Times Yearly (Cooling check March and July, Heater check October) Change all belts (as per check list)

  • Check all HVAC units completed per unit (as per check list)
  • Check all exhaust fans. Change all belts. grease bearings
  • Check all refrigeration equipment (as per check list)
  • Clean return air grills
  • Perform monthly indoor and rooftop maintenance

Filters and Cleaning Only — 4 Times Yearly

  • Change Rooftop air filters
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Clear drain lines
  • Clean all permanent filters
  • Perform monthly indoor and rooftop maintenance

Ice Machine Cleaning 4-Times Yearly

  • Pull apart ice make and clean all parts
  • Run ice machine cleaner through wash cycle and clean ice bin
  • Change water filers (at additional charge for filters)
  • Perform monthly indoor and rooftop maintenance

Monthly Indoor Maintenance

  • Change all condenser indoor filters
  • Check with manager for any problems.
  • Check all cooler/freezer door gaskets
  • Check all refrigeration equipment temperatures

Monthly Rooftop Maintenance

  • Visibly verify operation of all equipment